Cafe Millennium, was born at the beginning of the XXI second, this is the reason for its name. The logo is inspired by historic Milan, while the location presents an exclusive, unique and modern setting in a mix between New York and Miami. Located in a central place of the city, five minutes from the cathedral square, it is the main bar of the Bonaparte Forum's area.

Cafe Millennium, is a family-run restaurant, and it can boast the great experience of Antonio Lo Russo's in the catering and banqueting organization. An historical experience that is manifested in the presence of two other restaurant: "Fellini Restaurant" in Montecarlo and "Ristorante Lo Spuntino" in Greece - Itaca.
For this reason, Cafe Millennium is the ideal location for every occasion: a simple coffee with friends, a dinner, a Catering for a private parties, an organization of ceremonies.

The main goal of Cafe Millennium is to pamper, always, its customers! You can find many high quality fish dishes like oysters and champagne,but also vegan and vegetarian dishes, aperitif buffets with the best cocktails of our Barman. A friendly and highly qualified staff will guide you to meet every need!